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Saturday morning was fine and warm as we meet at the Woolworths store at Carseldine. Pumba, Herb, Russell and Jules bought the trailers while Flyby,
Keren and I packed our bikes.

The Saturday morning traffic wasn't bad as we rode through Brisbane and on to the Western freeway.   But it did build up on the Ipswich freeway and more
so on the Cunningham highway.   The plan was to stop at Aratula for coffee before a leisurely ride up the Cunninghams Gap and on to Warwick. Well the best laid plans of men and mice, as they say, was to come somewhat unstuck as Herb got a flat back tyre which unfortunately couldn't be fixed on the side of the road with a tyre repair kit.   RACQ was arranged and after some time organized to take the Harley back to Brisbane. I took care of Herbs trailer and

Herb jumped on the back of Flyby's bike. We headed on to the caravan site.   Herb had "issues" with the seating position on the sports tour, a bit of a  cramp compared to the Harley.   But arrived in one piece.  Fordy and Rhonda was already there in Rhonda's bus with the Tenerai on the back trailer. Smokie and Barb were set up in the caravan and Mr Grumpy, Steve from Texas, who I meet at the Easter in the Country weekend was there too.

With the camp sites set up and Flyby, Jules and I in a cabin we set about getting supplies for the weekend. Herb borrowed Keren's Suzuki but only managed to ride around the camp site before giving it in as it was too crampy on the legs. I suggested jumping on the back of the Victory which was the go. So Russell and Keren, Pumba and Herb and I headed into the village for supplies.

The Caravan park had a well-equipped camp kitchen which was clean and modern. With a brazier that Russell brought up was the site for the happy hours and where most of the cook was done Sunday we headed out to the Morgan Raceway for some very entertaining racing. Taylor Ralph, a young 16 year old girl was the star of the day with 3 / 3 wins comfortably. Hopefully we will see more of Taylor in the future in Moto3.

The morning was cold, windy and drizzly but soon fined up through the day. Mr Grumpy had headed home in the morning to pick up his partner “Memory” and to meet us at the raceway.   During Lunch break, a few of us had a walk through the pits and was amazed at how little there was of the side cars. A frame, motor, steering gear and a platform for the swinger.

Back at the Caravan park, we set up for the final happy hour of the weekend and time to comment on the weekend’s events. It was whole agreed that it was worthwhile coming back here again.

We said our goodbyes to Mr Grumpy and Memory who mentioned coming out one Friday to club and for the weekend. I for one will look forward to that.
Monday Morning wasn’t looking too bad when we woke. But it was not to stay that way for too long. The rain started just as we rode out of the caravan site.

Herb went with Smokie and Barb in the JEEP and I had Herb’s trailer safely on the back of the Kingpin to take back.

Accept for a short period of fine weather around Aratula, it was wet all the way home.

For Keren, it was certainly a trip of experiences. If Keren hadn’t yet earned the rights to be called a Biker, she bloody well had now… Through Gravel, Pot holes, torrential rain, back roads and highways, she kept up with us. She must be as mad as we are.

All in all, It was a great Weekend as usual.

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