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With the celebrations of News Years night seeing farewell to another year all around the country, some of the members decided to go for an unplanned ride to check out a campsite at Wivenhoe Dam, on the first day of the year.

The riders consisted of Russell & Keren, David & Lyn, Daz & Trish, Ray & Di, Pumba and I (solo of course).   First stop was at a new pleasant café on the northern side of Mt Mee, called “The Place” located at 120 Mt Mee Rd, Delaneys Creek.

After a leisurely rest and leaving the owner raking the driveway, we said our farewells to Ray & Di and headed off to Wivenhoe  Dam via Kilcoy, Gregors Creek Road, Toogoolawah and doubled back on Mt Beppo Rd to Wivenhoe Dam.   Wivenhoe Dam was packed with citizens, therefore we dared not ventured in and headed off to Fernvale for a feed.

All up it was a pleasurably relaxing ride with heaps of sweeps and fairly good road and mi-nor traffic.   Great company, as always and believe it or not no U-Turns.

Stay Safe and Stay Upright



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