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Christmas Party here we come. Venue – booked, catering booked, band booked (or so we thought).

With a couple of weeks to go before the Christmas Party the band that had been booked notified Peter Keane that they were unable to attend so another band had to be found. Peter had the inevitable task of locating a band at short notice. He was successful in locating ‘Just Friends’.    ‘Just Friends’ is a duo that plays 50’s to 80’s style music.

During the afternoon Liz D. with a few members who arrived early, set to decorating the hall.

With that done the party food was next on the agenda, what a great job they all did.

Some of us attended the Scarborough Lights Parade in the afternoon and arrived to find that the party had begun.

Dinner had been prepared with meal time set at 6.30pm. The band played dinner music while we ate. With the meal over – dancing took over.

‘Just Friends’ kept people on the dance floor all night.

A great time was had by all.


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