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Beardies Weekend – Glen Innes 9th to 11th November 2012

Well the end of the year is near and we’re off to another Ulysses Rally, namely Beardies Weekend at Glen Innes.
The Adventurers met at the usual departure point for the southern ride into foreign territory, departing shortly after 0700hrs. Russell & Keren were unanimously appointed ride leaders followed by Bender & Eve, Jimbo & Wanda and myself in the rear. Russell magnificently skirted most of the in-bound peak hour traffic and led us over Mt Cootha and to the first stop to join with our industrious Editor Pete & Liz. I would tell you the location but as I was just following and having a stress free ride, I am not sure where this location was, except that it was closer to the NSW border and south from where we originally left. (it was Aratula)

After greetings all round and the Gold Wings having to fuel up, the 5 bikes and 9 adventurers headed off for Stanthorpe.
Lunch was at the usual upside down W store; note this was about my third time I have visited these types of establishments in about 10 years. Not sure I will visit again after seeing a poor Ulyssian type person ferreting through the garbage bins, I guess it doesn’t matter whether you eat the food off the tray or from the bin, it probably tastes the same. About 50km before Glenn Innes the Angels must have been crying with laughter, as it began to rain and a mad dash was made by all to get our wet weather gear on.

Bender, Eve, Jimbo & Wanda toughed it out in true spirit and set up campsite with the help from us all.
Russell, Keren, Pete & Liz had already planned to camp in the cabins, therefore did not bring any camping gear or trailers.
Myself well in the true Aussie spirit and as a Victory Rider, I thought I would tough it out by settling into a wooden cottage. (After all been there done that etc etc plus I was dying for a beer).

Considering the inclement weather, the weekend festivities were well organised including Friday and Saturday night dinners and entertainment. The 100km Saturday morning ride saw a mixture of bikes, Trikes and those Trikes with 2 wheels on the front, I counted about 23 all up. The trip home was via “that way”, once again, just enjoyed a stress free ride and knew we were headed north via whatever route Russell and Keren took.

We said farewell to Pete and Liz at some place with an upside down W and I broke off to see my folks at Currumbin Creek. It was great to see Glasshouse at Beardies and other friends, plus making newer ones in true Ulysses style. I enjoyed the companionship, laughter, jest’s and rides to, from and at the Rally, even though it was mostly http:///wet.

Stay upright,


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