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2012 Iron Butt Ride

Beautiful blue clear skies greeted the Riders on Sunday morning. The air was nippy but weather would be kind to the 4 bikes and two trikes.
We headed off just after 730am along Beckett Road through the suburbs to the Western Freeway. Past Springfield to the Ipswich-Boonah Rd and on the first stop at Boonah.

The temperature was starting to rise but we would find it a bit colder at the top of the range.

The run up Cunningham’s Gap was uneventful, but the top did drop in temperature a bit. I radioed to Pumbaa who informed me that it was showing 100 C on the Goldwing air temp indicator.

We stopped at the Caltex just before Warwick for fuel, hot coffee and a bite to eat.

I thought he was rechecking his directions when he got off the bike and raised the back to expose the engine.
This, I thought to myself, is not good.
It stopped.
No go..
RACQ was called and while we waited, Charlie and Ray ascertained that it was the Coil.

We were just short of half way, about 12:15pm. It took about an hour for RACQ to turn up and decided to take the trike into Millmerran where there maybe a Coil.

By now the temperature was starting to rise into the double figures.

After a good break and chat was headed off through Warwick to Cecil Plains for Lunch. It was then on to Yarraman, Kilcoy and the finish line at Burpengary. 611kms and the Iron Butt Award……

We turned off the Cunningham Hwy and headed through Wheatvale to Leyburn. Turning north onto Toowomba- Karara Rd and then it was west.. no.. we went a bit more north.. no damn it.. missed the turn.. “U” turn back towards Leyburn and then west to Millmer-ran.. Watch out for the dead Roo’s and the suicidal little one that Dave nearly got.

It was on this run through the cotton fields that I thought… briefly.. with the great ex-panse of land that stretches out around you. You would hate to break down here.

Well, we ran along Millmerran-Leyburn Rd admiring the great expanse of this Great Country, coming up to the Gore Hwy just north of Millmerran when Ray pulled the trike over just before the corner.

It was decided that the ride be postponed to a later date. So after saying goodbye to Ray and the trike, Di jumped on the back of Pumba’s Wing and we headed off through Toowoomba to Hampton and down the range to Esk.

Smokie and I headed south through the back way around the Dam and over Mt Glorious and onwards to home. From Home to Home, I clocked up 559kms.

Not just another Ulysses ride but a good time with great friends.

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