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On behalf of my father, Lindsay, I and the rest of the family thank you for your kind thoughts, e-mails, cards etc but most of all for the time and effort that was put in by the members that were able to come to mum's farewell. As you know my father had nothing to do with the club, but he pulled me aside and said he couldn't believe that so many people turned up on the day to make a guard of honour for her, for those that don't know him he is a man of few words and many medical problems so for him to notice and comment it really means more to him than any of you could ever know.

I am one of those that don't feel that Nana's gone she just changed ad-dresses and I know that she would be telling us to have a beer for her, keep smiling, move on with our lives and keep the rubber on the road.

Much love and many thanks

The Raison mafia


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