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Brass Monkey’s Weekend at Spring Creek.

Saturday morning was fine with only a bit of cloud cover. The Weather was kind to us as we meet at BP North Bur-pengary. There were 6 bikes, 1 trike and 2 cars, 12 people leaving for the weekend.

Herb lead us out up the freeway, bypassing Caboolture, through Kilcoy and out to Esk for morning tea. It was at a leisurely pace without incident. A hot cup of coffee and a sausage roll from the Bakery at Esk was welcoming for me. Others had taken their own thermos and snacks. We ran into some from the Northern Gateway Branch going on their ride. It’s always welcoming to catch up with others.

Gearing up, we headed out to Gat-ton along the Esk Gatton Road. Strangely enough, we passed an-other “Spring Creek” on this road. Glad none of us put it in to our GPS’s. That could have caused an issue. Anyway, off through Gatton and Grantham and up the range to Toowoomba. Russel and Keren lead us up the range and on reaching the top made a hard left turn and into the Service Station at the top of the range. Unfortunately one of the cars, with Jim and Wanda, missed seeing us turn and headed off past the Service Station. All worked out as the plan was to meet up at a Su-permarket near Picnic Point to fill up with Groceries. With the bikes topped up with fuel, food and grog, we headed through town and south out along the New England highway, along the Darling Downs, and to Spring Creek.

After hearing stories of lakes and rivers forming in the camp site last year, I headed for higher ground. Camping above Herb and overlooking the Fire Area ended up being great site.

Fordy and Rhonda had beaten us to site by a day and already had the Bus, Dad (Bike) and Junior (bike) all prepared.

After the setting up camp and having the afternoon briefing of weekend activities from Herb, we set about organising the timber and fire pits (44 gal drums cut in half) for the night.

Rick and Yvette arrived in the 4 wheel drive and Jeff on his Rocket wasn’t long behind them. Word from Peter and Orphan was that they “were” coming and would be there soon. They were only at the Gold Coast only 3 or so hours away. It wasn’t long before we had the fires going, the seats set for the night and the happy food on the table. Every-one was having a great time under the stars and huddled around the fires but where were Peter and Orphan? Russ was getting strange texts from Peter saying that they were just at the base of the range, but night was truly with us and they had left just after lunch time.

Finally, way after dark, two cold and weary riders arrived and started to set up their camp. Their journey is another story.

Sunday morning was fine with some cloud cover. It had only gotten down to 6.6deg C last night. After breakfast and the morning chores were done, we geared up. 9 bikes, a trike and 2 cars headed for the Caltex at Warwick for fuel and morning tea. Coffee and Toasted Sandwiches when down well. After which we headed out towards Inglewood and then a brisk ride up to Leyburn to Shane Webcke’s Pub for Lunch. Light rain had just started to fall as we got to the Pub. Inside was warm and inviting. The fire place at-tracted many of us after ordering our meals.

After the meals and a good chat, Herb and I decided to get some fuel and head back to camp. Thinking that Herb knew a quick way back because he headed off the main road and off through the back roads. I was surprised to see that the other riders were passing us at a “T” intersection. Herb must have been surprised too as the Harley quickly headed off after Fordy and Rhonda in the front. I had elected to follow Herb from the Pub, so follow I did, past the two cars and the other bikes. I noticed that Russ, Keren, Ray and Di wasn’t with the pack and remembered something about checking out Rudd’s pub for scones on the way home the next day. With the “Convoy” now doing “Disgraceful” speeds across this wide open land, we headed for Clifton.

Clifton is a pretty town with many roads. It seemed that Fordy and Herb was interested is seeing different ones as we entered the town. Af-ter following Herb north then east across the railway line and then north up a back road I thought he too was going to Rudd’s Pub. Until the 180 degree alteration to his current projectory had him going back towards Fordy. After a quick road side briefing it was back on the road to Spring Creek. During this time, the 2 cars had finally arrived at Clifton and were going through town the normal way. This put them again in our firing line. We all past them as we left the Clifton City limits and again headed off along the plains at an enjoyable rate of knots. Back in camp we all had a great laugh.

I awoke through the night to wind and rain and in the morning found that it had reduced to a drizzle. After Breakfast, it was the choir of packing up. First time for me, packing up in the wet but I supposed it had to happen someday.

Those that had stayed in caravans and cabins left early. Gary decided to make a brisk run for it but found, like Fordy did on Saturday Night, that the back tire wanted to go faster than the front on the wet grass. He had many helpers to lift the bike up. Luckily the only damage appeared to be a pannier bracket. After strapping the pannier to the back seat with a bungy cord, he was away.

With the camp sites down and packed away, we all headed off with mainly great memories of a good time.
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