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NATCOM was recently reminded about and agreement struck in 2005 between The Ulysses Club and 1% Clubs about the used of back patches with rockers. It was made abundantly clear in the correspondence that anyone seen with the old man logo with rockers or any patch resembling rockers would be educated about the agreement.

We ask all members to adhere to the policy set out by NatCom, which appear below for your information

 Document ID: P3  Category: Member Policy  Latest ver. Author: Rob White #22674
 Revision Number:  Review Date:  Notes:
 1.0  11 Mar. 2005  New Policy - NatCom Approved
 1.1  07 Dec. 2013  Document layout reformatted. Paragraph sequence changed.
A rocker is a straight or circular name, sign or patch surrounding or together with the Old Man Logo. In March 2005 Ulysses Club Inc. introduced a NO ROCKER Rule in that: 

“if wearing the Club’s Old Man Logo patch on the back of any clothing or riding apparel, no other patches can be worn with it, including Branch patches”. 

The rule states that: 

Members should not wear inappropriate badges on a garment near the logo, e.g. such as a swastika.(1) Additionally, when the Club logo is worn on the back of a jacket, shirt, vest or other garment, it must not be displayed with any other patch or badge or rockers.(2) 

  • This rule was introduced in March 2005 in response to serious threats to the safety and well being of club members by motor cycle gangs, often referred to as “patch clubs”, “1%’ers”, “Outlaws” or “bikie” gangs.
  • The wearing of other such items in conjunction with the Club logo on the back of a vest or jacket etc. may subject the offending member to expulsion from the Club.
  • This rule does not apply to patches or badges worn on the front of a vest or jacket.” 

The policy in full, appears in the attached document 

Policy - P3 - Rockers and Patches v1-1.pdf

Ride Safe

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