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It was Sunday 24th July for our Redcliffe Ulysses Secretary's first club ride on her new Touroz Trike. 

With a lot of members from the branch turning up for the ride and give Sandra support on her first club ride. With everyone gathered around Sandra's new trike, she gave a quick show and tell for everyone. 

The ride left MacDonalds and headed along the D'aguialar Hyway through to Wamuran , Woodford and stopping at Kilcoy briefly to stretch the legs and to check on the new rider, and which by now , Sandra had a huge grin on her face from enjoying the feel of the Touroz on the road . 

A quick run up to Blackbutt ,was when the ride group stopped for our morning smoko break. 

A Ulysses couple had rode to Blackbutt to meet our ride group and to join in on the Sunday ride . 

After smoko break, a few riders returned home and the rest of the ride group headed along the Open Country road to Maidenwell Hotel. Great old pub with a good sized verandah was where  we had our lunch and conversations . 

By this time Sandra was apparent that she was having an awesome ride day on her trike, only complaint was the bug splatter on her new pride and joy . 


With the return ride home it was truly a great day out with fellow Ulysses friends. Last job of the day for Sandra was give her new trike a bath . Till the next ride , stay safe , stay upright.


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