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Destination: Killarney / Queen Mary Falls

Ride Leader: Budgie

Sunday May 29 was cool and dry with clear sky's. A great day for riding.

In total 12 bikes and 16 people turned up at McDonald's, Kallangur including riders from the Northern Gateway Ulysses.

We left at 08:30 and headed for our morning tea stop at a park in Boonah where we stretched our legs and had a quick chat with friends.

After about 1/2 hour we headed out along Mt Albert Rd towards Carney Creek Rd, this of course included the traditional Redcliffe Ulysses U-turn via the scenic Moogerah Dam

With the ride back on track, Budgie lead the ride group along the steep, narrow and twisty road up to Queen Mary Falls. The ride was well worth it as we weren't disappointed. With the spectacular views for as far as the eye could see.

After a short stay at the falls we headed down the road a little further to the Killarney Hotel where we stopped for lunch and had a good relaxing break from riding.

Once everyone was relaxed and fed we saddled up and Budgie led the ride group home along the Cunningham Highway to Alora where we all stopped for fuel and a leg stretch.

At Alora everyone agreed it had been a great days riding with awesome friends, but as most were heading in different directions for here we all said our goodbye's and headed off home

Stay safe and keep the shiny side up.


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