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We left Carseldine around 6.30 am on the Friday. May our way towards Warwick to meet up with others for breakfast.  Then headed on towards the border for our next stop at Tenterfield. Finally made it to Glen Innes.

On Friday night there was a meet and greet at a local pub for everyone.

Saturday  morning was a planned morning ride to Guyra to a nice café.  Then onto a visit to a local taxidermist to check out all of his displays. Was interesting but also scary and sad.

After that headed back to Glen Innes and went on to see
the Stonehenge and tried my very best to get the sword out of the stone. Wasn’t very successful.

Later the day we all got prepared for the parade in the heart of the town.  Was a great turn up by the locals who made us feel very welcomed.  After parade headed to the park for the festival for the show and shine and beard competitions.

On Saturday night  we caught the bus to take us to the dinner at the Services Club. After the meals the announcement of winners of the competitions and draw of raffles.

Our Branch did very well at winning awards for the show and shine, we even collected prizes  for the raffles, which will come handy for next year Odyssey.

Sunday morning has arrived and started to pack up and may our way to the park for breakfast being done by the Glen Innes Branch.  Thanked them for a great weekend.

Our time had ended at Glen Innes and made our way back  home to Queensland.  It was a scorcher of a day heading back as temperatures had reached over 40 degrees.  Couldn’t wait to get home to a nice air condition place waiting for our return.



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