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Ulysses Club Inc.

We are a social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40. We are the largest organisation of this kind in Australia.


Membership of the Club is open to any person, subject to the National Committee approval, who has attained the age of 40 years and who holds a current motorcycle licence. Additionally, the spouse or regular partner of a member, who has also attained the age of 40 years may also be admitted as a member upon application.

There is only one kind of membership, full individual membership. Any type of bike is welcome.

The Aims of the Club
  • To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
  • To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
  • To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and views of older riders.
Our Branch

Founded in 2001, the Redcliffe Branch welcomes male and female motorcycle enthusiasts and their partners over the age of 40 to take part in a range of friendly, motorcycle-related social activities. These activities include day rides, weekend events, breakfast rides, twilight dinner rides, charity rides and special event rallies.


Come Say Hello

  • Redcliffe Branch social meetings are held every Friday night at Scarborough Bowls Club commencing at 7.00 pm

  • Monthly general meetings are held on the second Friday night of the month commencing at 7.00 pm


Scarborough Bowls Club,

Sunnyside Rd, 

Scarborough QLD 4020

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GPS Coordinates: 27°12'10.80"S -- 153° 6'35.37"E


The Ulysses Song

Download the Ulysses song "A Ulyssean I Am" by clicking the link: 

A Ulyssean I am (Male Vocal)

Memorial Gardens

The Ulysses Memorial Garden is a living memorial to the motorcyclists of South East Queensland who have ridden on.

Located on public land, at ‘The Spit', the memorial gardens are a place where relatives and friends of local and other motorcyclists can spread the ashes of loved ones who have Ridden On 


Redcliffe & Glasshouse Mountains Ulysses Branches held the first memorial ride to ‘The Spit’, which is located at Somerset Dam. GPS coordinates and a link to a google map appear at the end of this article.


Redcliffe member David Cox (#26626 DM #54) took the idea for a Memorial Garden to the Canberra AGM where he received full support from NATCOM and the blessing of ‘Old #1’ Stephen Dearnley.

David, approached South East Queensland Water, and requested a 10m x 2.5m garden bed, enough for 40 plants.

What he received, was far in excess of this, and SEQ Water granted an area 40m x 2.5m which was to be established as a memorial garden.

As the area was much larger than anticipated, various SE QLD branches were invited to plant trees in the allocated space. As time grew nearer to the memorial day, 'Doc' took it upon himself to provide all of the trees and plant out the allocated space.

Each year 'Doc' financed the purchase of new trees and memorial ride badges. The badges were sold at the memorial day to recoup expenses, with all profits forwarded to NATCOM and UCARF


An SEQ Water Ranger became aware that some Ulyssians  had brought their dogs 'The Spit' and had parked their motorcycles in car parks not allocated to them

A response letter from both 'Doc' and a solicitor was sent to all SE QLD branches outlining the problem and also how it was to be dealt with.

The letter was met with general approval and the following year (2010) the memorial day went ahead as planned, albeit in a slightly modified format.


All branch Presidents from the SE QLD region agreed they would assume responsibility of the Memorial Gardens and took charge of care and maintenance. 

Present day

The size of the Memorial Gardens have increase substantially since the first memorial held in 2004 and now occupies most of the several acres set aside by SEQ Water for the SEQ Ulysses branches to develop

SE QLD branches regularly hold working bees of between 50 - 100 volunteers to maintain and improve the area for all to enjoy.

From small beginnings and much hard work by dedicated Ulyssians,  the gardens have flourished to become the magnificent memorial garden it is today. A memorial garden that not only supports local wildlife but one that offers a place for all motorcyclist to reflect and enjoy  
The Redcliffe branch is proud to be associated with the following SE QLD Ulysses branches in this worthy joint venture:

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Albert Valley
Darling Downs
Fraser Coast
Glasshouse Mountains
Gold Coast
Logan City
Mt. Lindsay
Northern Gateway
Redcliffe (This Page)
Somerset Region
Sunshine Coast
Warwick District

Collectively we invite all Ulysses members and their guests to visit and enjoy the surroundings


The Spit

Esk-Kilcoy Road

Lake Somerset QLD 4312

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GPS Coordinates: 27° 6'11.04"S -- 152°33'45.01"E


Postal Address

Ulysses Club Inc.

Redcliffe Branch

P.O Box 3081

Clontarf DC QLD 4019


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